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Stock Magnets

Stock pet magnets (not custom!) can be returned within 30 days if in pristine, resalable condition.

Custom Magnets

Unless there is an issue with the quality, we can not accept returns on custom magnets. Every Magnet Makeover order is a custom made item specifically created with your photo on it and therefore can not be re-sold.

Because every Magnet Makeover is custom made by hand, delivery times can vary slightly. But generally you can count on your magnet(s) being in the mail within 5 business days of placing your order.

Magnet Makeovers make fabulous last-minute gift ideas so if you need us to turn around your order faster than normal, please contact us using the form on this page and we will see what we can do.

You have several options.

  1. Use your phone to purchase your Magnet Makeover. Just browse to the website on your phone and you can upload your pet photo right from your phone’s photo library.
  2. You can mail yourself the photo from your phone. Then log in to your mail on the computer to download your photo. Just be sure to mail yourself the original photo and not a smaller “compressed” version. (Tip: Look for “Actual Size” setting when mailing.)
  3. You can plug your phone into your computer and use your computer’s photos software (i.e. Apple Photo or Windows Pictures) to get the photo off your camera and into your computer.