We make magnets! You provide a photo of your pet (or select one of our stock images) and we turn it into a refrigerator magnet. We then create “Magcessories” – personalized magnetic headwear, eyewear, clothes and other items – to fit your pet. Over time, we will add more and  more Magcessories for every holiday and occasion so you can always keep your collection fun and fresh.

Want to dress your Yorkie up like a Viking and not get judged at the grocery store? Want to give mittens the mustache and biker cap she always wanted? Want to take the edge off  Cujo’s aggressive look with a Carmen Miranda fruit headdress and little bowtie? All easily accomplished with Magnet Makeover!

Every photo we get is slightly different and therefore, our Magcessories are created by hand to fit every magnet specifically.

While right now we are mostly focused on dogs and cats, technically there is no reason we can’t build a Magnet Makeover for any 4-legged animal. We can even Magcessorize humans! Babies, a bride and groom, mom, dad… Just keep in mind that every body type (human or otherwise) is different so not every Magcessory will fit every subject. Please contact us so we can discuss your specific request.

Stock Magnets

Stock pet magnets (not custom!) can be returned within 30 days if in pristine, resalable condition.

Custom Magnets

Unless there is an issue with the quality, we can not accept returns on custom magnets. Every Magnet Makeover order is a custom made item specifically created with your photo on it and therefore can not be re-sold.

Because every Magnet Makeover is custom made by hand, delivery times can vary slightly. But generally, we try to get every order in the mail within 5 business days. Often it is less, sometimes it is more.

Magnet Makeovers make fabulous last-minute gift ideas so if you need us to turn around your order faster than normal, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

For us to create a quality magnet, we need you to give us a quality photo. Sending us that small, blurry photo of Rover sitting in the dark garage is just not going to work.

** Click here to see our photography tips **

One thing we want to emphasize: animals squirm. Be patient!! It’s sometimes quite difficult to get a pet to cooperate. If you are having trouble, take a break and try again some other time. If you are still having trouble, find a friend to gently hold your pet in place by the scruff. As long as their hands are not in front of the pet, they will not be on the magnet.

In the end, we look at every photo and if we think the quality is not going to work, we will get in touch and let you know so you can take another photo.

No! Bad dog!

Please feel comfortable knowing that we NEVER share your personal information with anyone.  The entire website and all orders are encrypted and your personal contact information stays exactly that way – personal. That’s how we’d want our information treated and we know you do too.

You have several options.

  1. Use your phone to purchase your Magnet Makeover. Just browse to the website on your phone and you can upload your pet photo right from your phone’s photo library.
  2. You can mail yourself the photo from your phone. Then log in to your mail on the computer to download your photo. Just be sure to mail yourself the original photo and not a smaller “compressed” version. (Tip: Look for “Actual Size” setting when mailing.)
  3. You can plug your phone into your computer and use your computer’s photos software (i.e. Apple Photo or Windows Pictures) to get the photo off your camera and into your computer.

For orders under $25, we send every order via USPS for a flat rate of $3. For orders over $25, shipping is free!

Just send us any questions comments through our Contact Us page. We reply to everyone who writes.

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